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R & B Divas LA- Episode 4

I’ve been saying I’m going to get back to writing, might as well start tonight.

Let me give a brief synopsis before I go in. This whole episode was mainly about the “Not Your Mama-logues” Kelly Price brought to the girls in episode one. Because these ladies are, in their own rite, divas, Chaunté Moore suggests they bring in someone professional to direct the show. Kelly has a problem with this from jump because she’s unable to attend (which is becoming a recurring theme). So Chaunté and Lil Mo meet with the director, they like him and then they set up another meeting for Claudette and Michellé to meet with him. All is going well until Kelly shows up–late at that–and causes a scene. Fred, the director, is like I’mma let y’all handle that, deuces! Then Kelly starts talking real reckless saying she didn’t know anything about dude, which is a lie–in my Maury voice–cause both Chaunté and Lil Mo had mentioned dude. Then she starts going in about how she could care less about the production happening ‘cause her “schedule is booked” regardless.

And Scene!

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Ignorance vs. Trayvon Martin

Nothing’s worse than being ignorant and not knowing it. It seems the deepest solution people can come up with for this Trayvon Martin case is to vote. Or teach your kids to read (although I’m pretty sure Trayvon Martin could read, write and do arithmetic but that still didn’t spare his life).  Or, the most confounding one, “don’t be outraged or concerned or involved because, essentially, this is the norm.” Why be so focused on Trayvon Martin when black people die every day?

It’s ignorant. People simply don’t know better. And I’m being polite because I really feel like it’s asinine. My issue with the “change the law” theory is that people seem to forget the laws were never made for us at all. And, how do you really change said laws? Is it just by voting? No. Votes can be stolen. If you want to change the law, you might want to do more than reverse the bad ones. Don’t vote to overturn a bad law, write the law. Things can be legal but not enforced, so then what? The truth of the matter is we want a quick fix when it’s a long-held problem that we’re dealing with. We’re not just dealing with another dead black child. We’re dealing with flat-out, blatant racism but we don’t want to call a thing “a thing.” We’d rather call it “accidental.” A “tragedy” we need to move on from; not understanding that the reason these “tragedies” continue is because we don’t use our God-given power to stand against injustice. Something both Jesus and MLK have admonished us to do.

If something isn’t right, you shouldn’t just turn the other cheek because there are more situations like it that aren’t right. Don’t diminish the magnitude of this slap in the face, by bringing other situations into it, (Chicago, Pookie’s death from up the street, etc.) They’re all wrong. But you can only handle one thing at a time. Our inability to stay focused and committed is the reason these situations keep happening. (Well, that and the blatant devaluing of Black male lives)

The sad truth is we are a people more acclimated to outrage and s—- talking than we are to action and change. The times that we live in make change a lot easier. I don’t fault folks for putting up hoodie pics on social media and protesting; those actions have their span. I’m connected with over a thousand folks on Facebook alone; that’s a solid reach. That’s one thousand people that see that I’m not okay with this backhanded notion of “justice.”

Be clear: I’m not more concerned with the verdict than I am with the message the verdict relays. No ruling can truly bring justice or peace to the Martin family, but it can shine some light that we are at least living in different times. Times where it’s not okay to kill a black man due to our own paranoia. We’re not as progressive as we think we are. We think because our votes were honored (this time) for a Black president that things have changed by leaps and bounds. When the reality is, we have a president who can barely get anything done, not because his initiatives aren’t good or solid or helpful even, but simply because of the color of his skin. If that’s not billboard enough that we’re not living in an equal and fair society, something that hits home for lots of folks, such as this Trayvon Martin case, should be. But we, and I mainly mean Black people, would rather demean others for wanting to take action. We fault folks for putting up pictures or rallying and then fault them for doing nothing (at the same damn time). I’m sorry, is there something to vote on today? If not, then why not let these people take a stand? If for 16 months people were fired up, why would they now fall by the wayside after 2 days or 5 minutes as it’s being painted? Maybe…all we need is some really good leadership, our grandma’s tactics and a little momentum to keep that wheel of equality spinning.

Simple reminder: faith without works is dead (That’s the book!). So “hoping” or praying that a change will come with no work(s) on our part won’t manifest it. There’s a time to keep silence and a time to speak. I’m not convinced this is the time for stillness and silence. It’s high time the quote “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference,” becomes more than a framed reference in our homes and instead an outlook we actually stand up to.

That’s my 2 cents. Keep the change.